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EPisode 3

Brooding electronica and dance rock with big guitars and funktastic bass.
  1. No Heat
  2. Babbage
  3. Mr Non-achiever
  4. Swim Sister

EPisode 2

An electric collection of dark electronica.
  1. Machine Fire
  2. Zeros & Ones
  3. New Dark Age
  4. Rebase

EPisode 1

Mashing up guitars and synths for a slice of gothic infused electronica.
  1. Regression
  2. She Speaks To Fairies
  3. Strike Back
  4. Motherland


Goin' Down

Our take on the the wonderful Melanie C solo hit.
  1. Goin' Down

Swim Sister

An early release of this weird track destined for the third EP.
  1. Swim Sister

"Pump it Up"

Elvis Costello classic given a bit of the old Punch Drunk Shills treatment.
  1. Pump It UP

"Another Girl, Another Planet"

Punch Drunk Shills take on the wonderful track by 'The Only Ones' and bend it to our will.
  1. Another Girl, Another Planet

"The Sun Always Shines on TV"

We mixed the Aha classic with some punky guitars and a tocuh of Carter USM ... as is our want!
  1. The Sun Always Shines on TV


"Swim Sister" - Taken from EPisode 3

"Machine Fire" - Taken from EPisode 2